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Conference of the Arts & Media Faculty of the Sorbonne Nouvelle University

December 4, 2015 – Paris, France

Cultural diversity and media pluralism in the digital age:

same stakes?

Call for Contributions

Preserving pluralism in the media sector and cultural diversity in the arts corresponds to similar social issues: struggling against the standardization of political opinions or cultural tastes; protecting novel, original, independent, dissident ideas and expressions… At the academic level, these questions cross each other with quite similar approaches, concepts and methodologies. In this respect, the internet and social networks sites offer a relevant area of study to compare these various issues and approaches. Nowadays, many online service and digital platforms allow the expression of a wide range of opinions and ideas as well as the access to a large diversity of cultural goods, including an increasing share of self-published contents by authors. However, such a plural and diversified supply does not guarantee nor automatically generate a pluralism of opinions and a diversity of tastes from individuals. The control of access and attention by a few dominant firms and platforms actually create new bottlenecks and reduce both pluralism and diversity. In addition, the online self-exposure of individuals and widespread usage of online networking services might be the source of conformist attitudes. This multidisciplinary conference precisely aims at shedding light on the evolutions, opportunities and risks associated with the ICT’s usage in the fields of media pluralism and cultural diversity.

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